A model “Finca”


Finca Duernas is immensely proud of the fact that it has been seen as an example for other farms (known locally as fincas) to follow over various periods of its history and that its owners have gained a hard-earned reputation for excellence.

Our innovation can be clearly seen in the cultivation techniques we use. Many olive orchards have irregular rows of olive trees following the dips and rises of the contour lines, with the trunks at varying levels and differently shaped trees. At Finca Duernas, however, the rows are perfectly straight, with trees of uniform height and shape, allowing the olives to be harvested mechanically in optimum conditions and the trees to be looked after properly.

“We live as if tomorrow were the last day – we look after the land as if we lived here forever”


Finca Duernas meets all the strictest organic farming requirements and encourages biodiversity and soil conservation as a means of halting erosion. In addition, for us, excellence necessarily involves producing extra virgin olive oils which are clean and healthy.

“The staff at Duernas are not just ‘human resources’ – first and foremost, they are people”


Even more important than looking after nature is the need to respect all the people who work here to make to land more productive. At Finca Duernas, everyone is considered equal. Each person has a job to do and is given the necessary training to improve their personal skills and working performance. Over the years, several generations of the same families have worked at Finca Duernas, and their lives, and those of their families, are inextricably linked to the farm.

The small chapel known as the ‘Hermitage of Santa Cruz’ is owned by the farm, and the families which make up the Finca Duernas team have celebrated their weddings, christenings and first communions here.