The extra virgin of Finca Duernas, energy source and repairing of athletes

Finca Duernas Extra Virgin olive oils: a rich source of energy to recharge an athlete’s batteries

“So here we are at Finca Duernas, an olive grove where they produce outstanding extra virgin olive oils. Together with carbohydrates, we use this extra virgin olive oil as the main source of energy in our athletes’ diet.

In general, any unsaturated fatty acids of vegetable origin are good for us, but what makes extra virgin olive oil so special is that it contains polyphenols and vitamins, too – quite simply because it’s the only fat made up of 100% natural juice of olives.

The polyphenols which exist in extra virgin olive oil help to reduce the oxidative process in general. This process accelerates particularly when we do strenuous sports, since the muscles suffer and feel pain when we’re pushing our body to the limits. The body has to repair this oxidative damage in some way and here is where the polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil come in.

Another reason why I decided to use the extra virgin olive oil from Duernas was because of its unbeatable flavour. Our athletes hail from all over the world and many of them don’t usually include extra virgin olive oil in their regular diet. These olive oils are, however, so fresh and so delicious that all our cyclists have become instant fans.”

Titia van der Stelt,  Sunweb team Nutritionist

Finca Duernas, Octuber 2017

Successful partners in 2017

Finca Duernas is an associate member of the Sunweb international cycling team. It has been a hugely successful partnership when it comes to winning awards. In 2017, both the women’s and men’s teams were awarded medals at the most prestigious world events, winning the World Cup in Bergen, several stages of the Tour de France, first prize in the ‘Vuelta de España’ time trials (with Chris Froome) and as winners of the Giro d’Italia (with Tom Dumoulin). Here at Finca Duernas, we are thrilled to bits with the team and their motto ‘KEEP CHALLENGING’ is equally applicable to everything we do.



Sunweb Team

Finca Duernas Team