The Finca Duernas Experience

Finca Duernas combines a fascinating blend of history, tradition, gastronomy and healthy properties – and all these ingredients make our olive oil, the star attraction of the Mediterranean Diet and declared a World Heritage commodity, so authentic and attractive. Our visitors are passionate about discovering the fascinating history of these lands and its flavours and about making the most of their visit to the roots of this famous olive-oil producing city. You can stroll through the olive groves, see for yourself how lovingly the olives are collected and enjoy the aromas which pervade the olive oil mill, with the heady, natural scents of freshly-picked fruit so characteristic of the best olive oils.

As well as walks, there are olive oil tastings with experts and visits to the oil mill, and you can also enjoy traditional culinary delights such as the “Miller’s Breakfast”, a light lunch or a stylish dinner, where extra virgin olive oil features heavily in all the dishes on the menu.

The philosophy of Finca Duernas has its roots in Christian humanism. We live our lives as if tomorrow were the last day, but we look after the land as if we had to live here for ever. As well as all the eco-friendly features of organic farming, our responsible use of resources includes saving water through drip irrigation and the priority use of renewable energy.


Come to visit Finca Duernas

Have you ever wanted to visit a 200 years old Mediterranean olive grove? Would you like to see the process of producing a genuine extra virgin olive oil? If so, our friend Diego will show you Finca Duernas, a 4th generations family grove and the way to achieve the best olive juice that Nature provides. Walking around this ancient and evocative organic grove and enjoying the fresh aromas and flavours of our extra-ordinary oil is a must for the visitors to understand why Córdoba was born over 2.000 years ago.

Want to know more? Contact Diego or Finca Duernas’ office in the following email: diego@foodieandexperiences.com or ventas@fincaduernas.com


Finca Duernas