Organic farming

Production system for organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic farming can be defined as a system of agricultural production which depends exclusively on the available natural resources and whose aim is to obtain totally organic products. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used to get rid of weeds or to control pests or diseases, only natural resources which do no harm to the land and respect the environment. To produce organic olive oil, the olives must be completely healthy and at the point of optimal ripeness.

The olives must be pressed on the same day they are collected, as storage may adversely affect the quality of the oil. Once the oil has been extracted, it is stored in stainless steel vats under controlled conditions of light and temperature long enough for the impurities it may contain to be filtered away progressively, using only natural techniques.

Advantages of organic extra virgin olive oil

Natural, natural and natural

This type of oil is produced after a process of minimum tillage with nothing extra added to the soil. Thanks to this, the product retains its main composition – it is 100% juice of the olive, so it preserves all the qualities of the fresh fruit.

Pure flavour

As already mentioned, maintaining all the properties of the olive adds even greater intensity to its aromatic flavour. What’s more, the harvest takes place at exactly the right time and the fruit is pressed on the same day, which means the fruit does not lose any of its natural qualities. Culinary experts, with their refined palates, all agree that this olive oil brings out many more sensations than a normal olive oil, and its flavour can add that extra zing to almost any recipe in the book.

Friendly to the environement

By consuming these types of organic products, we are also being kind to the environment. The organic farming of olives follows procedures which exploit the natural resources without the use of any chemical products. This means the environmental footprint is kept to an absolute minimum and the balance is maintained in our rural environment.

Guaranteed traceability

Traceability is an important factor in the production of any food, but here it is guaranteed by the rigorous quality controls which support organic farming.

Certified quality

A food certification is a mark of quality which sets the consumer’s mind at ease. Finca Duernas products have the EU ORGANIC seal of accreditation from the EUROPEAN UNION.

This certification is a vital step to ensure that food which is produced organically reaches the consumer with the maximum guarantees: exhaustive controls are carried out on the workers, the production and processing systems are thoroughly checked, and samples are taken of the products to be analysed. This is the only way these products can be declared free of contamination from pesticides or transgenic plant material. All European countries share these controls over both the production/processing system and the control system, governed by EC Regulation 834/2007.

The European Commission also publishes a yearly list with the organizations authorized to carry out the control and certification of organic products.

Organic extra virgin olive oil is a 100% organic product, subjected to exhaustive controls throughout the production chain to verify that no chemical agents of any kind are used in production, thus ensuring maximum quality. For all these reasons, our organic olive oil is considered a ‘gourmet’ product and we are delighted that it has become the hallmark of our brand.

FINCA DUERNAS, organic extra virgin olive oil, certified by EU


Here at Finca Duernas, we use organic agriculture to produce a thoroughly healthy olive fruit, while ensuring that no harm is done to other species of wildlife and plants which share the farm with us. In fact, maintaining a healthy balance of the native flora and fauna helps us keep the true parasites of olive trees at bay. Our aim is for a well-balanced soil to feed and nurture healthy, nutritive plants.

Organic products are used to bring fertility back to the soil by providing additional organic matter, such as minerals and microorganisms, whose job it is to nourish and strengthen our olive trees. Having healthier trees is the key to preventing most pests and diseases which affect olive tree cultivation.

To bolster up this process, we carry out further preventive steps which are allowed under organic farming, such as capturing olive flies to prevent them from damaging the olive crop and spoiling the future olive oil.