Duernas Envero Arbequina Organic 500ml


Es la manifestación más bella del cambio de la naturaleza. Se trata del momento más preciso de belleza y riqueza del olivar. Momento efímero que dura no más de dos semanas.



13,20€ (INC. VAT)

The envero is one of nature’s most remarkable moments of change, that precise instant when the olive grove reaches its peak of ripeness and beauty: a fleeting moment that lasts no more than two weeks.

The unique character of this Arbequina is set by the early harvest date. The surprisingly fruity aroma with notes of banana and fresh apple combines with a hint of tomato plant which lingers as it passes over the palate. Sweet at first, it has that typical spicy aftertaste of antioxidants, with their exceptional nutritional benefits.

Suggestions: Use for dressing salads, in mayonnaise or gazpacho and in sauces for pasta, marinades for fish and vegetables, tartar sauce and all kinds of pastries (as a healthy substitute for butter). Perfect for tomato salads or soups!