Duernas Envero Picual 500ml


Es la manifestación más bella del cambio de la naturaleza. Se trata del momento más preciso de belleza y riqueza del olivar. Momento efímero que dura no más de dos semanas.



13,20€ (INC. VAT)

The envero is one of nature’s most remarkable moments of change, that precise instant when the olive grove reaches its peak of ripeness and beauty: a fleeting moment that lasts no more than two weeks.

This is a complex, balanced olive oil, intensely green in colour with a fruity taste and an aroma of fresh herbs. The spicy aftertaste lingers on, characteristic of olive oils with a high content in health-giving polyphenols (antioxidants). A healthy oil with a strong kick!

Suggestions: Sauces and stews; perfect for sautéing and baking. Great with meat and vegetables and ideal for steak tartare.