Quality Standards


Acidity: Acidity is a measure of the fruit’s freshness at harvesting time. The Finca Duernas Extra Virgin Olive Oils are harvested very early in the season, so the level of acidity is kept to a bare minimum. We start harvesting our Envero range as early as mid-October each year.

Finca Duernas 0.2 (4x better than the standard)

International Olive Council standard: 0.8

Peroxides: The level of peroxides is an indication of fruit’s oxidation, caused by delays in the milling process, which negatively affects the flavour if the levels are high.

The Duernas mill is located right in the centre of the farm. It only takes a few minutes for the olives to be taken from the tree to the mill, so oxidation is almost non-existent.

Finca Duernas 3.8 (5.26 times better than the standard)

International Olive Council standard: 20

Ethyl Esters: This measures any possible fermentation during the milling process. At Finca Duernas, the fruit is never piled up and is pressed in a few minutes, so hardly any fermentation takes place.

Finca Duernas 2.9 (10 times better than the standard)

International Olive Council standard: 40


Phenolic compounds (antioxidants): Phenolic compounds play a key role in our bodies by protecting the lipids in our blood against oxidation. At Finca Duernas, the fruit is harvested at the optimum stage of ripeness, so the antioxidant levels of our juices are far higher than the norm.

The European Food Safety Agency recommends an average daily intake of 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol and derivatives, which are present in 20 g of extra virgin olive oil.

In 20 g of Extra Virgin olive oil:

Finca Duernas Picual provides 15.3 mg of these compounds

Finca Duernas Arbequino provides 8.7 mg of these compounds

2017/18 Content of phenolic compounds

Finca Duernas Arbequina: 444.5 mg/Kg

Finca Duernas Picual: 777.8 mg/Kg


Average Fruitiness: This parameter is the result of the sensory evaluation of the Extra Virgin olive oil, and is linked to both the freshness of the fruit and the good work of the manager of the mill.

Results: Finca Duernas: 5.8

International Olive Council standard: > 0



2010 – NEWS

Finca Duernas olive oils are extra clean.

We believe in sustainability and looking after the environment


2014- NEWS


The SIQEV International Seal of Extra Virgin Quality is awarded to the top olive oils in the sector in recognition of their compliance with the stringent SIQEV quality requirements, which guarantee that the oil remains stable throughout the period before its use-by date.

Finca Duernas has won a number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in quality and design competitions.

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